Social Responsibility

    Europa Metals has a long history of correct compliance with social, fiscal and environmental standards both at national and global levels.

    Europa Metals firmly believes that the competence of its human capital is of utmost importance to the future success of the organisation. It furthermore recognises that in order to address the skill deficit faced by the workforce, considerable effort and investment should be directed towards the education, training and skill development of its employees and communities.

    Europa Metals recognises that in order to maintain sustainable development, the company needs to integrate its corporate responsibility towards social, economic and environmental practices.

    Europa Metals Statement of Principles & Expectations:

    Corporate & Operational Principles

    1. Europa Metals and all employees undertake to comply with all applicable domestic laws and regulations in respect to operations and all internationally recognised human rights conventions, wherever individuals operate;
    2. Seek ways to honor the principles of internationally recognised human rights when faced with conflicting requirements;
    3. Treat the risk of causing or contributing to gross human rights abuses as a legal compliance issue wherever they operate.
    4. All contractors must undertake to demonstrate compliance with national minimum wage legislation and employment law
    5. A grievance process for potential reporting of breaches is guaranteed with anonymity assured by the designated “EMPLOYEELEAD”
    6. Maintain open communication with employees and community groups
    7. Uphold all fiscal regulatory stipulations as required under Spanish and EU legislative regimes and stock exchanges rules 

    Europa Metals: Our Expectations of Working and Personal Freedoms

    • Every employee and contractor to be able to work in safety and without fear from physical or verbal abuse within the Company
    • That all contracts are to be fairly made under Spanish and EU law and fully honoured for work undertaken
    • That equal opportunities are offered to employees and contract groups regardless of gender or ethnicity
    • That equal opportunities are offered to employees and contract groups regardless of religious, political or sexual persuasion 
    • No form of prejudice will be tolerated at any level by the operational management and should be reported immediately 
    • There is zero tolerance to corruption, treating, or inducement in kind or by barter- this should be reported through grievance mechanisms
    • The Company does not endorse any one political faction or groups but will fully commit to supporting its local community through the streams of employment and other support
    • No single member or group within the Company will seek to work outside of the laws of Spain or the EU
    • No Individual under the age of 18 years of age on the day of entering any Europa Metals' premises or operation will be permitted

    Agreed by Europa Metals' Board 15 May 2017

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