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Toral Lead, Zinc, Silver Project Spain (100% owned)

    • Flagship project located in Province of Leon, Spain -Exploration license renewed Q4 2017 for three years
    • European support infrastructure; Located near road, power, rail in traditional mining area- direct road access to existing Smelters
    • Over 44,000 meters previously drilled on project- data package being reprocessed by Europa leading to;
    • Maiden JORC (2012) resource announced January 2018*:
    • Maiden JORC (2012) resource announced September 2018:
      • 19Mt @ 6.9% Zn Equivalent (including Pb credits) and 24g/t Ag
      • 720,000 tonnes of Zinc, 570,000 tonnes of Lead and 14 million ounces of Silver
    • Development land use permissions commenced September 2018block model


    The resource update has identified potentially economic mineralisation ranging from surface to approximately 1,100m below surface. The new block model currently extends for a strike length of 3,300m and is still open to the east along strike and also at depth where it has not yet been closed off.

    Cut-Off Zn Eq (PbAg)% Tonnes (Millions) Density Zn_Eq (Pb)% Zn Eq (PbAg)% Zn % Pb % Ag g/t Contained Zn Tonnes (000s) Contained Pb Tonnes (000s) Ag Troy Oz (Millions)
    6.0 10 2.8 8.7 9.3 4.8 4 30 490 420 10
    5.0 14 2.8 7.7 8.3 4.4 3.5 26 620 490 12
    4.0 19 2.8 6.9 7.4 3.9 3.1 24 720 570 14
    3.0 23 2.8 6.2 6.7 3.5 2.8 22 800 630 16
    Transitional Oxide Material
    4 1.8 2.4 5 5.5 2.6 2.5 25 45 44 1.4
    Unweathered Fresh Rock
    4 17 2.8 7 7.6 4 3.1 23 680 530 13
     Zn Price Used:  US$2,500/t  US$c/lb1.13
     Pb Price Used:  US$2,100/t  US$c/lb0.95
     Ag Price Used:    US$17/oz

    Toral exploration & ownership history

    1972-1984 Penarroya-Adaro
    55 holes and 36 deviations (36.000 m) drilling
    1992-1995 Geominera
    2005-2008 Lundin Mining
    7 holes (4.500 m)
    2009-2011 Goldquest Mining
    • soil and rock geochemistry
    • old labors mapping

    re-evaluation: MICON NI-43-101
    2012-2015 Portex Mining Corporation
    Exploration: detail mapping
    2015-2016 Mineral and Financial
    • soil and rock geochemistry
    • old labors mapping and sampling
    • Drill holes
    2016-current Europa Metals
    • Major data reinterpretation
    • Near surface drilling campaign
    • Maiden JORC Resource Jan. 2018
    ORC resource upgrade September 2018
    Land use permissions begun


    Europa Metals is operating within the first year of its 3 year Investigation Permit and is in the process of concluding an initial Scoping Study on the Toral Project. Additionally, the Company is undertaking a series of exploration and data analysis workstreams in order to further progress its understanding of the asset. Whilst the Toral Project is currently at the exploration stage, the Company believes that there is sufficient understanding of the asset to justify initiating the requisite applications to convert the existing land use designation to enable the potential future development of a mine. The Company has consulted with the Junta de Castilla y León who concurred that this course of action is appropriate despite the Toral Project being at a pre-feasibility stage.

    Process Outline

    Europa Metals has engaged a specialist consultancy, MAGMA Soluciones Ambientales SL (“MAGMA”) (the “Consultancy”) to initiate and progress the requisite land use applications across three distinct municipalities overlapping the Toral Project’s licence area. This Consultancy has a 15 year track record of successfully processing and modifying municipal planning instruments for natural resources projects. MAGMA collaborates with regional government administrations to enable the management of natural and cultural resources.

    Successful outcomes delivered by MAGMA have included land use rights conversions undertaken with the Municipal Urban Regulations of Valverde de la Casa, Villavieja de Yeltes, Garcibuey, Aldehuela de la Bóveda, El Cerro, Fuentes de Oñoro, Villarino de los Aires and Chagarcia-Medianero. To date, MAGMA has concluded environmental impact studies for the change/review of land use with 12 municipalities within the province of Castilla y León. The Managing Director of MAGMA and Toral Project lead, Juan Piñeiro, is also the geological representative to the Chamber of Resources of Castillia y León.

    A detailed schematic of the application and reporting process to be initiated across the three municipalities is available for viewing at the following link.

    In summary, the municipal process requires an initial review of the current land use and then a submission to the Town Hall (Ayunmiento) of each municipality concerned within the Toral Project’s licence area. Upon acceptance of such submissions, a series of studies and proposals/reports will be presented at municipal, provincial and federal level. The process is currently estimated to take approximately 18 months from September 2018.